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Puerto Rico business directory

Discover 4,245 companies operating in Puerto Rico

When it comes to targeting potential customers in a specific location, having access to enough leads for a campaign can be a daunting task, especially if you're venturing into a different country. At Global Database, we understand this challenge and that's why we provide location-specific B2B company lists.

If you are seeking to prospect companies in Puerto Rico, Global Database is the ideal solution. Our comprehensive business directory consists of contact details for 4,245 companies, offering you ample opportunities to discover potentially lucrative deals. Moreover, each company record in our database can be further segmented by industry type, employee count, sales revenue, credit risk, ownership, group structure, and more. This allows you to effortlessly build highly-targeted contact lists in a quick and efficient manner.

Out of the 4,245 companies based in Puerto Rico, we have the contact information for 13,341 executives. This enables you to reach out to decision-makers who hold the power to make significant purchasing decisions. Our executive records can be further filtered based on seniority level and department, ensuring that you find the exact people you need to connect with. You can export the filtered list immediately in Excel format or integrate it directly into Salesforce, empowering your team to start outreach activities right away.

If your business is expanding into new territories or simply seeking a reliable solution to streamline the constant search for fresh leads, our B2B company directory is the perfect asset for your sales and marketing team.


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With over 4,245 companies listed, you can start selling immediately. Direct email and phone details are provided, allowing you to avoid gatekeepers and regain control of your sales activities. Segmentation tools enable you to filter the records based on criteria such as industry type, sales figures, executives, years in operation and more, so you can build highly-targeted mailing lists that have a much better chance at engaging prospects.

Global Database holds information on 13,341 company executives located in Puerto Rico, and the ability to filter by seniority level means you can base your search around the individuals right at the top of the chain. Once you've built your Hereford company list, you can export it via Excel or integrate it into Salesforce, making the setup of your marketing campaigns simple and hassle-free.

The Global Database Puerto Rico B2B directory is updated daily, with hundreds of fresh leads potentially being added each month. We'll send an email whenever the data is updated, allowing you to rest assured that your team always has the most accurate data possible to hand. Whether you're expanding into new territory or simply looking for high-quality leads to top up your sales funnel, Global Database is the perfect companion to your Hereford marketing campaigns.

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