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Data Enrichment

Enhance your client database

Complete customer profile

Automated data synchronization

Form autopopulation

Search our B2B directory by company name, URL, or other information you have, and complete your customers’ profiles with up to 80 data points each

All the information in our B2B data platform is updated on a daily basis and you get real-time alerts about changes related to the companies of your interest

Global Database allows you to save more time than ever - the API will automatically fill in the blanks for you in any type of forms and you’d only have to complete fields with unknown data

Make the information you have complete, improve the quality of your data and close more deals

Comprehensive customer profiles

Enrich the domain information you have. Oftentimes you have some customers or even competitors on your mind, but all you know is their domain name. No worries, Global Database has got you covered! With Data Enrichment, all you need is to enter the domain name, and you’ll get the company’s full profile at hand.


Updated email lists

Enrich your email database with the most up-to-date entries, which are retrieved daily and validated monthly. Our clients get some of the highest email deliverability rates, comprised between 85%-95%, something our competitors cannot brag about.vvvv


CRM Integration

Export the gathered data easily or integrate it smoothly in your own CRM. No matter what kind of data you are looking for, as soon as you have the list of prospects most valuable to you, you can export it for an unlimited number of times as an Excel file, or integrate it directly with your preferred CRM.


Efficient automation

Make the API work for you. When you have to fill in loads of mile-long forms, Global Database data enrichment form autopopulation will become your lifesaver. All you need is to write in the email address and we’ll fill in all the known data for you. Filling forms will become a matter of seconds.


Smart alerts

Receive notifications as soon as any of the companies of your interest goes through some changes. You don’t need to permanently keep an eye on your targeted or preferred companies or those competitors. Global Database will inform you via email and display the list of changes most relevant to you in your Global Database account.


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